Estoril Political Forum 2016

The title of this year’s meeting is reminiscent of the famous book by Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, published in 1945. The book was an energetic defense of liberal democracy and Western civilization against its totalitarian enemies, both from the revolutionary left and the revolutionary right, communism and national-socialism.

This edition is inspired by the same commitment to liberal democracy and the West that inspired Popper’s book more than 70 years ago. We will discuss and analyse the resurgence of authoritarianism around the world, following a persistent alert that is being issued by one of the main partners of the conference, the International Forum for Democratic Studies that publishes the distinguished quarterly Journal of Democracy. We will discuss and analyse how should the West and its multilateral institutions — first of all NATO and the European Union — respond to these new threats. And we will discuss also how these new threats and possibilities present themselves among the English-speaking, the Portuguese-speaking and the Spanish-speaking peoples.

The registration for the ESTORIL POLITICAL FORUM 2016, the XXIV International Annual Meeting in Political Studies is now open!

XXIV International Meeting in Political Studies – Estoril Political Forum 2016, on “Democracy and its Enemies: New Threats, New Possibilities”, this year in association with the International Forum for Democratic Studies, Washington, D.C.

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